Story Tour App

Myself and Ross Phelan came up with Ramble which is a story tour app used to celebrate and explorer the stories of the people of your city. The content consists of stories recorded by storytellers about interesting locations anywhere across the world. Storytellers can record from any location with any combination of four options - text, pictures, videos and sound – and can then link either of those options to the story’s location. The app is called ‘RAMBLE’ and we see it as an application for both storytellers and explorers.

The explorers are essentially the visitors or residents in any location. They are able to experience the stories which are uploaded on the app through the eyes of the storytellers as they tour their location.

Ramble uses Location Aware Technology, which allows users to explore in three ways. The users can get a notification when passing a location with a story (Random Ramble) or are able to create or join routes and hear stories specifically picked up by others (Routed Ramble). Users can also target specific locations and specific stories and experience them independently (Targeted Ramble).

Users can set up their own profile, were they can access their own stories, places, saved routes, their followers and people they follow. The user also has a live timeline split into stories, places and routes.

Ramble brings story telling back to life.

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