The Struggle Against Apartheid


The brief i chose for ISTD was the Nobel Prize. The Topic I chose for my book was The Struggle Against Apartheid and Peace in a White Supremacy world. Looking at the brief I decided to research the lives of three Nobel peace prize laureates, each of whom gave a huge commitment to the struggle against apartheid. They all have very interesting stories and led incredible lives which I wanted people to read about in my book. Their Nobel Peace prize speeches contain amazing content about their individual struggles against apartheid and the fight for peace. I felt, as three such persons who had given so much time throughout their lives, including their time in prison, to fight for a cause they so strongly believed in, that their story was worth telling.

More importantly I was influenced by what is going on today for black people. I had read that over 100 unarmed persons were killed in America by policemen in 2015. So the topic is still very current and I wanted the book to cover the past and present struggle for peace in a white supremacy world. But I also wanted to make a big book and needed heavy content and thus the subject I selected provided lots of really interesting content.

I wanted to do an old style book with a modern twist so I chose Jan Tschichold’s font, Sabon, which is a very popular type face design used in books. It is classic and elegant and, at the same time, extremely legible. It is particularly good for text and headlines in books. It also combines well with almost all sans
serif fonts but the one I chose was akzidenz grotesk.

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